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Educators: How to Invite Family Members & Guardians in Navigator

Invite student Parents and Guardians to view student activity and assessment results within the Kuder Navigator Admin portal.

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Why is it important to Invite Parents and Guardians?

Parents and guardians play a vital role in supporting students on their college and career journey. Allowing access to the student's assessment results and education planning gives insight on needs and decisions required to succeed in their chosen field.

How to Invite Family Members on Behalf of a Student

  1. Find the student that is needing a Parent or Guardian invited

    1. Use the Search magnifying glass on the top menu

    2. Use the Student List under the Organize Students & Groups

    3. Select the student by clicking on their name

  2. Navigate to the General tab to see the Parent and Guardians section

  3. Click on the Parents and Guardians tab

  4. Select Invite Parent

  5. Complete the invitation fields with Parent or Guardian contact information with their email or cell phone number

  6. Select Send Code

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