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Username Report in ADMSCreate a report that lists the usernames for users.
Organization Access Code and Organization Password for ADMSThe organization access code and organization password will be used by educators to register for an administrator account.
Find a User in ADMSIf you need to find a user in your organization, you can use the Find a User search.
Education Plan Report in ADMSThe Ed Plan Report in Kuder ADMS is used to get a status on a student's most recent education plan and to approve/deny a student's ed plan.
Transition Users in ADMSTransitioning users allows you to move accounts out of your database.
Core Report in ADMSThe Core Report in Kuder ADMS is used to get data on users that have taken the assessments.
Creating an Account for ADMSHow to create an ADMS account.
Kuder Journey Registration Report in ADMSUse this report to find users who have registered with the system within a certain date range.
Registering for JourneyKuder Journey is a career planning solution for adults and post secondary students.
How to Utilize Plan for Work ToolsLearn how to use the Plan for Work tools within Kuder Journey®.
Getting Started with the Kuder ADMSGet to know the Kuder Administrative Database Management System for Kuder Journey administrators.
How to Download Assessment Results from Kuder JourneyLearn how to download a summary of assessment results as a user of Kuder Journey.
How to Download e-Profile from Kuder JourneyLearn how individuals can download their e-Profile from Kuder Journey.