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Educators: End-of-Year Checklists
Educators: End-of-Year Checklists

Utilize these end-of-year checklists to wrap up the school year and make the most of Navigator and Galaxy .

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Take advantage of our Kuder end-of-year checklists, which have been built to assist students and administrators with harnessing the full power of Navigator and Galaxy. The checklists include Student Activities, Reports, Communications, and Housekeeping tasks that should be completed before the end of the school year. The listed tasks help boost engagement and activity that lead to a more insightful admin reporting experience.

Simply download the list(s) needed, and begin checking off each task on the document:

Note: The Navigator with Grad Plan Checklist is for organizations that are using our Grad Plan feature to help students navigate required activities for graduation. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up Grad Plan at your organization!

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