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Kuder Navigator® Back-to-School Checklist
Kuder Navigator® Back-to-School Checklist

Our new back-to-school checklist is built to assist you in making the most of Kuder Navigator to meet district and state requirements.

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Reporting Activities

  • Identify reporting needed to meet district and/or state requirements.

  • Set prioritized goals for the school year based on the identified requirements of your district and/or state.

    • District or Administrative Goals may include:

      • 100% of 6th graders have taken the Kuder Career Interest Assessment.

      • 100% of 8th graders have submitted their 4-year education plan.

      • 75% of 9th graders have saved their favorite careers in Navigator.

      • 85% of students have saved their favorite postsecondary training programs.

      • 100% of 11th grade students have completed the FAFSA application.

  • Configure Grad Plan cards to support activities for students to complete each year, such as taking assessments, favoriting careers, or building an education plan.

  • Create student groups to more easily monitor specific student cohorts.

    • Make a plan with administrative partners to identify and monitor relevant student groups, for example ESL students, advisory cohorts, CTE concentrators, etc.

System Checks

  • Verify your user role in the new admin experience to ensure you have the views and access you need.

  • Review and approve any transcript requests that start rolling in as students apply to postsecondary institutions.

  • Ensure that any new courses have been uploaded to Course Manager to assist in the creation of education plans.

  • Districts not using Clever/SSO: Ensure new students are added to the system and unenrolled students are transitioned to the correct new school or inactive org.

Training & Resources

  • Identify product training needs to start off the school year effectively:

    • Review Navigator’s student experience for a refresher on how to effectively lead students through the tools available to them.

  • Download our updated curriculum guide for suggestions on when and how to implement Kuder Navigator with your students.

  • Join an upcoming training to review the new admin experience available to you for streamlined reporting, custom group creation, and more!

Student & Family Engagement

  • Invite parents and/or guardians to create a Kuder Navigator account to:

    • View students’ assessment results.

    • Sign off on students’ 4-year education plans.

  • Engage families during school conferences on the resources available for college bound students to further their preparation.

  • Share the resources available to students with our Awareness Kit templates.

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