Educators: How to Transition Students Between Grades/Schools

Learn how to transition students from one school to another or between grade levels within the Kuder Navigator admin experience.

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In the case that a student moves and needs to be transferred between schools in your district or you need to manually switch the grade level for a student, you can follow the instructions below.

Transition Students to a Different School

This feature can be used to transition students from the middle school to the high school or move students who have graduated.

  1. Log in to the Navigator for Admins

  2. Navigate to the left-hand menu and click on Organize Students & Groups

  3. Select Transition Students

  4. Filter and select students needing transitioned

  5. Select on Transition Selected Students

  6. Input N-Code or J-Code to the needed organization

  7. Select Validate Code

  8. If the listed school is correct, select Transition Students

Change Student Grade

  1. Log in to the Navigator for Admins

  2. Search for the student with the incorrect grade using the Search filter on the top bar

  3. Click on the student

  4. Under Student Information click Edit

  5. Use the Grade box to change the grade level

  6. Click Update

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