How to Pull Education Plan Reports

Learn how to access the Education Plan reports within the Kuder Navigator® admin experience.

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Utilize these instructions to access Education Plan reports, which can be used to provide insights on the following:

  • Identifying students that may need further guidance and a one-on-one meeting to complete their education plan.

  • Submitted plans that have been completed and need to be reviewed and approved.

  • Students that may need guidance on aligning their assessment results to industry-specific courses at your school to prepare for their future.

How to Access Education Plan Reports

  1. Log in to

  2. Scroll down on the home page to the Reports section

  3. Click on Education Plans

  4. Utilize filters such as Schools, Grade Level, and Status to narrow down on the students you may need to check on.

  5. You may also click on a specific student or students to view their education plans

  6. Once you select a specific education plan to review, you can glean the following insights:

    1. Planned Level of Education

    2. Classes selected by grade

    3. If the Education Plan has been reviewed by their parent or guardian

    4. And other Education Plan they have started or submitted in the past

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