How to Create a Grad Plan as an Admin

Learn how to create graduation plans that align with your district's graduation requirements within the Kuder Navigator admin experience.

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What is Graduation Plan?

Graduation Plan is a comprehensive tool to help support and manage tasks students need to complete at each grade level or prior to graduation. District Admin and Local Admin have the ability to customize these tasks to meet their state or district needs while providing data they need to monitor and direct student progress.

Only District Admins and Local Admins have the ability to configure Graduation Plans.

How to Create a Graduation Plan

  1. On the left-hand navigation select Configure Student Plans

  2. Select Configure Graduation Plan

  3. Select your District Level Organization to view an existing graduation plan or to create a new one that will be for all schools within the district. Select individual schools to view or create a new plan that will only be available for that school.

  4. Once you have made that selection; you can now create and name your Graduation Plan.

  5. Select the blue button labeled Graduation Plan Settings.

  6. Utilize the Graduation Plan Title field to create a custom name for the Graduation Plan at your school.

  7. Use Graduation Plan Grades to select the grades you want to have access to your customized Graduation Plan.

  8. Add a description of Graduation Plan.

  9. Make sure to hit Submit.

The next step is to create tasks that are required prior to graduation.

Nine default sections are provided when you configure the plan for the first time:

  1. Personal Information

  2. Assessment Results

  3. College and Scholarship Applications

  4. Education Plan

  5. External Assessments

  6. Favorites

  7. Goals

  8. Job Search Tool

  9. Options After High School

Review each section and set the tasks to meet your school or district needs by selecting the pencil to edit.

A couple notes as you work through each section:

  • Each section needs to be turned on to edit.

  • Once the section is turned on you have ability to edit and customize each task associated with the section.

    • For example: When you open the Assessment Results section there are three items that may be selected for student to see:

      • Kuder Career Interest Assessments

      • Kuder Skills Confidence Assessments

      • Super's Work Values Inventory - Revised

  • You can enable and customize each task according to either Before Graduation or by Grade.

  • Be sure to save your work as you go!

Note: Most sections enable you to select between Before Graduation or Grades, but not all.

Once you review all nine standard sections, you have the opportunity to create your own customs card or section with identified tasks to meet your graduation requirements.

For each custom section, you must complete the following information:

  • Section Name

  • Section Description

  • Task List

    • Must have at least 1 task, but can create up to 15 tasks per section.

Once you have configured all the sections, you can review your Graduation Plan by clicking on the Graduation Timeline. Once you have confirmed everything looks in order you can click on Graduation Plan Settings and hit submit.

A green box will appear, confirming your Grad Plan was published. You can also see the last published date under the Blue Button Graduation Plan Settings.

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