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Educators: How to Utilize Navigator for Admins
Educators: How to Utilize Navigator for Admins

Learn how to navigate the new and improved Navigator for Admins and Educators.

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Reporting Home

Your home-base for this application. Here, you can see an overview of all your students' progress through the application. If you scroll down, you'll also see the variety of reports you can utilize. You can find a breakdown of these reports here.

Tip: You can switch to a view that focuses on a group you've created at the top of the page, just below your name. This is the fastest way to check your group's progress in the system! You can even pick particular schools and dates.

Organize Students & Groups

Student List:

A list of all your students, which you can search, filter, and organize. This is a great place to create groups, and is also where you can find student usernames. On the right of the student table, you can filter, print, or download the list.

Tip: Some attributes in the table can get cut off if they're too long (like usernames and emails). You can view the whole string by clicking the print icon and downloading the list as a PDF.

Group List:

This tab is one of the most exciting features we've added in the new system! You can now create groups of students to help organize classes, clubs, etc. To learn how to create a group, check out this article.

Transition Students:

When a student no longer attends your school or district, you can transition their account elsewhere here. Learn how to use this feature here.

Additional Resources

Access Resources:

There's a wealth of free content available for educators to use to help implement Navigator into their schools. Here, you'll find our Direct Your Future curriculum content, lesson plans, and family resources.

Post a Message & Post a Resource:

These two sections allow you to post notifications on the front page of a student's account. This a great way to link resources and share information with all (or a selection of) your students. The information will appear below the student's assessments on the front page.

Configure Student Plans

Course Manager:

This is where you can upload a custom course list for your school or district. For our partners in state-wide systems, your course list may already have state-wide data provided for you already. Or you may receive course data from another service or integration. So this page may appear blank. But if your school wants to use their own list of courses, you can check out this article to learn more.

Graduation Plan:

Another major enhancement to our system is the ability to create custom cards for your graduation plan. This tool allows your district to add additional pieces and requirements for your students to have finished graduation plans. You can either create a new one from scratch, or customize an existing plan. See this article for more information.

Organization Management

District Management:

If you have the district administrator role, you can access management tools for your district. This is where you can invite other administrators, share a link for educators to request system access, and view who else has access.

School Management:

Here you can view the admins at the school level, as well as view the N-Code for the school's site.

Access & Denied Requests:

Here, you can view any requests for admin access. You can approve or deny multiple at once. Approving requests will send an email to the applicant to create a password.

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